Our Divorce Attorneys Have of Years of Experience 


We have attorneys with years of experience handling every aspect of a divorce. This includes child custody, property division, & spousal support matters. Additionally, we have a team of attorneys & paralegals committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome with your Los Angeles divorce case. If you have specific questions, contact Kim & Associates today to discuss your situation. We offer a free case consultation for your convenience.


California Divorce Overview

California Family Code § 2300 defines divorce, or dissolution of marriage, as a judge’s order that effectively “restore[s] the parties to the state of unmarried persons.” Declared single again, divorcees face far-reaching, life-altering consequences & changes in their rights & duties. The effect of divorce on property rights has been the fodder of tabloids in many celebrity cases. Its impact on parenting rights publicized in the context of bitter custody battles, divorce has earned the reputation of being a thoroughly traumatizing family law experience.

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