Slip and Fall


f you’ve been injured in a Slip & Fall accident, you know that the consequences can be serious. A fall can send you to the hospital with severe and painful injuries, sometimes requiring surgery and years of physical therapy to heal. At worst, these accidents can result in lifelong debilitating conditions—and in some cases, even death.

The risks are particularly high for elders, with falls currently the leading cause of injury-related death for those 65 and older. To make matters worse is the fact that many of these accidents are preventable; numerous Slip & Falls occur on poorly maintained properties, and negligent owners are often to blame.  

At Morgan & Morgan, we know that recovery from a fall can be long and difficult—but you don’t have to go it alone. Our attorneys have been helping Slip & Fall victims get the compensation they deserve for more than 30 years. We understand how life-altering major injuries like these can be, and we want to help.

We have already recovered $9 billion across all areas for our clients so far. We may be able to help you, too. 

Contact Paul Kim & Associates, so you can leave the fighting to us and focus on healing.

Should I Hire a Lawyer After My Accident?

Yes. By contacting our legal team right away, they will be able to fully investigate the scene of your Slip & Fall: assessing the conditions at the accident site, retrieving relevant security footage, and interviewing potential witnesses. A quick start will help us build the strongest case to win you full and fair compensation.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Our lawyers are experts in navigating each state’s laws regarding Slip & Fall accidents, including premises liability and statute of limitations. Also, our attorneys fully investigate to discover if negligence played a role. If it did, we will build the most compelling case possible to negotiate for the best settlement—and our trial-ready attorneys are not afraid to take your lawsuit to court if the other side’s offer is too low.

"I noticed that at Paul Kim & Associates, the attorneys and staff truly care about their clients, and actually enjoy helping them. It is so refreshing to see attorneys that care about their clients' well-being."

Jay C., Albumen, CA

Can I Afford a Lawyer?

At Paul Kim & Associates, everyone can afford a lawyer. This is because we work on a contingency basis—meaning you never pay a cent out-of-pocket. Your initial consultation is always free, and there is never a fee at all unless we win your case.


Why Paul Kim & Associates?

We fully invest our resources in each and every Slip & Fall case. Big property management companies and large corporations already have expensive legal teams on their side; by hiring Contact Paul Kim & Associates, you are giving yourself the best chance to fight for full compensation and win.